Why you should choose Fit shear pliers

Fit shear pliers are pliers with a wide range of uses. They are made in Germany and unlike normal, nipping universal pliers cut flat materials with shears. You can choose between two brilliant designs: Fit No. 14 in its original Fifties packaging and Fit No. 15 with 2-component TPE grips and in modern hanging header packaging.

<strong>illustration of effects</strong>

Comparison of universal pliers with the Fit shear pliers

More than universal pliers…

The Fit shear pliers sever round and above all flat materials using their cutting principle. Here, the pliers always cut the material at just one point, which requires less force. Nippers dig into the material like a chisel until it separates off at the weakest point.

This is why our shear pliers are superior to universal pliers.

Fit shear pliers – the perfect pliers for the job

The Classic Fit shear pliers, our originals, developed and patented in 1950, remain successful all over the world to this day. The Fit No. 14 model has premium-quality, impact-resistant, transparent red cellulose acetate grips. Cellulose acetate is sustainable and is made from cotton. The classic Fit No. 14 comes, as befits an original, in our striking, self-explanatory packaging with a Fifties design. This striking packaging is supplied by the dozen in a sales-promoting display box for the shop counter. This original design must not be altered for our global customers because this is where the differentiation from traditional universal pliers and plagiarisms lies.

“The world-famous “Fit No. 14″”