Fit shear pliers

Cut, nip and grip 

Have you got a Fit? No!!!!
Here are the Fit shear pliers Fit No. 14 and Fit No. 15 – your all-purpose pliers  

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mit Rose
No. 15 mit Kabel

Choose between Fit No. 14 & Fit No. 15 

The Classic Fit shear pliers, our originals, developed and patented in 1950, remain successful all over the world to this day. The Fit No. 14 model has premium-quality, impact-resistant, transparent red cellulose acetate grips. Cellulose acetate is sustainable and is made from cotton. The classic Fit No. 14 comes, as befits an original, in our striking, self-explanatory packaging with a Fifties design. This striking packaging is supplied by the dozen in a sales-promoting display box for the shop counter. This original design must not be altered for our global customers because this is where the differentiation from traditional universal pliers and plagiarisms lies.

“The world-famous “Fit No. 14″”

The best of the traditional and the modern, the original Fit No. 15. Introduced in 2015, they have blue and red two-component grips on their forged Fit shear pliers. Fit No. 15 is presented on a striking, self-explanatory card for holed wall display in a modern sales room.

“Fit” for Future

Made in Germany is a commitment for us: our blanks have been forged in Solingen for over 60 years. Finishing, packing and worldwide dispatch from our company headquarters in Remscheid. Here, too, we have been working with our local suppliers and service providers from the Bergisches Land region for decades.

“Made in Remscheid, ………..Germany”

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