Fit shear pliers

The cutting-edge combination pliers

The Fit shear pliers cut, grip and nip as you require them. One benefit: in comparison to traditional combination pliers they cut flat material cleanly and smoothly. Choose between our two Models: Fit No. 14 and Fit No. 15


The Spears

The shears – the little difference with a big effect – can be used for cutting metal sheets, foils and similar flats as well as typical round materials such as cables, pipes, branches etc.


The Gripper Jaws

The serrated gripper jaws hold flat parts and small workpieces.


The Burner Port

The burner port is suitable for gripping hex bolts, hex nuts and round parts.


The Nipper

The nipper between the shanks cuts wires and nails.

Forceful facts

The blanks forged for the Fit shear pliers are machined with an inlaid joint and a rivet pushed through.

The drop-forged tool steel is hardened and tempered throughout.

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